Facebook : The Negative Impact

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Facebook: The Negative Impact Facebook is a popular social networking website that connects and updates families, friends, and colleagues. This site was supposed to have a positive impact on our lives, however, it also came with consequences. Facebook has caused our lack of ability to communicate and connect with others. This type of social media site has been an integrated part of most people’s life especially the young adults. Facebook has affected the divorce rate for married couples, cyberbullying for young adults, our mental health, and dangerous outcomes for posting personal information. According to Russell B. Clayton, Alexander Nagurney, and Jessica R. Smith, authors of Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, couples who spend excessive time on Facebook may cause negative interpersonal relationship outcomes. This book also suggested that this social networking website leads users to connect or re-connect with former partners that can cause emotional and physical cheating, breakups, or divorce with their current partners. In the year 2010, 81 percent of divorce attorneys stated that they’d witnessed an increasing number of divorce cases using social networking evidence in the last five years. 66 percent of the lawyers said that Facebook was the number one source of finding online evidence (Wong). Moreover, another negative effect of Facebook is our privacy. Facebook users update and share their private information online where their “friends”…
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