Facebook Website and Audience

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CURRENT SITUATION: I. Introduction and Facebook overview Facebook Incorporate is a free social networking website that allows users to create personal profiles and share ideas, opinions, pictures, and activities with their family, friends, or the public. The website is offered in more than 70 different languages all over the world and has reported to have about 1.2 billion active users. On average, there is about 556 million users who log onto Facebook from a mobile device (Company Profile, 2014). Their primary audience consists of registered users, marketers, and developers. Registered users have the opportunity to communicate with their friends, family, and colleagues. Marketers have the chance to be engaging with Facebook registered users based on the demographics shared by the registered user, such as age, location, genders, or interests. Facebook then is able to offer marketers with the opportunity to reach their target market, Facebook advertisement, and advertisement measurement. Developers are able to integrate their mobile and web application to build, grow, and monetize their business. Facebook’s advertising generates revenue by displaying advertisement products on their website, mobile applications, and other third-party partners websites. Then, payment is measured through the number of clicks made by the users, the number of activities taken by the users, or the number of impression delivered. Other businesses are generated through payments and other fees
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