Facebook and It's Effects on Friendships

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Nowadays, with the rapid developments in technology, more and more people are using their computers, smart phones etc. to browse the web. Moreover, many people are browsing social networking sites, especially Facebook. Facebook is a social networking website that was founded in 2004. There are over 500 million active users (users that have returned to the site in the past 30 days) and it is estimated that people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. (http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics) So what is that Facebook has that attracts so many people to visit its site? While older social networking websites like Twitter only allows the user to share text messages, photos or videos with others, Facebook has even more …show more content…
It might be annoying but it provides a very convenient way for people to share things with their friends. There are currently over two million websites integrated with Facebook and ten thousand new websites are integrating with Facebook. (Time Magazine) Moreover most games now have a built-in widget that allows you to share things on Facebook at the tap of a button. I once had to perform at a concert in an orchestra and while we were waiting for the show to start, I saw that almost everyone was tapping away on their phones on the Facebook site to kill time.From this all, we can see that Facebook can indeed provide a convenient way for people to communicate with others, sharing things and make friends. Now that we know that Facebook lets us share things conveniently and make friends, what are the other things that make Facebook so popular? One of the things that makes Facebook so popular is that it has the power to put people together, and organizing reunions on Facebook are a perfect example of this. There is a unique feature of Facebook that is callled “Events”. “Events” allows the user to create an event and share it with others.
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