Facebook and Negative Feelings

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Facebook was developed by Mark Zuckerberg who was in college when he created this social media networking website. Zuckerberg’s intentions were much different than what we have expected and grown used to. Facebook has allowed different sites and partner websites in on the user’s private information such as, their interests, location, and age. It has also allowed for many users to cyber bully others and not deal with the consequences after. Many users on Facebook suffer from depression, sadness, anger, jealousy and many other negative feelings. Facebook has caused privacy interferences, behavioral issues, and an overall unsafe environment for its users. Facebook was designed to connect people together and share social media. “Zuckerberg…show more content…
A soldier had taken a picture of helicopters landing on base, allowing terrorists to trace the photo off of Facebook and it lead to the missile strike and destruction of those helicopters. Cyber stalking is one thing. Barging into someone's privacy is another. Come to think about it, cyber stalking and invading one's privacy goes hand in hand. A person who is engaged in cyber stalking tends to know everything about a person and uses it firsthand. A lot of a user's personal information is so accessible that almost everyone, even those who know you but you don't know of, can view it. (ezinearticles.com) Users on Facebook do not even realize that their information is everywhere regardless of if it says it is secure. The ads on the side of your Facebook page are of what you previously searched for on the web. Facebook gives away your information on what you searched and your personal info to partner sites. Facebook can take your information and give it to their sponsors so they can send you emails already knowing your name and age trying to get you to buy their products. A weird privacy issue also pertains to the stalking epidemic on Facebook. A user can be blocked from someone, and contact a mutual friend of the user. That mutual friend can give away the personal information and shared pictures to the blocked user. Following those steps usually leads to rumors and tension in the real world and
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