Facebook and Social Media Addiction

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Feeling anxious, Sarah asked for her phone back so she could look at her Facebook notification. Her mom said no but she just kept on begging and begging for it back until her mom noticed… Sarah was crying over an electronic device. At that point she understood that her daughter was falling into the deep, dark hole of social media addiction. Why are social sites like a drug to some people? Is it normal to use the Internet a lot? What really makes a person addicted to a social media site? To answer these crucial questions, one must understand completely what an addiction is. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not only drug, alcohol and sex related but is defined as the habitual repetition of an uncontrollable conduct characterized by an…show more content…
If managed correctly, these could serve as a news source, as a way to communicate with friends and colleagues, as a messenger and maybe as a way to study and write down notes. All of these things are cons to having Facebook. If used in a moderate manner it can be helpful but if not, using these excessively can lead to horrible side effects. Excessive/compulsive users feel the need to be on Facebook all the time. For them, being on Facebook is a necessity just like eating, showering and socializing which leads to the idea that if these necessities have equal value, one can be replaced with another, namely, showering and eating could have the same value as being on Facebook therefore could be easily replaced by this action. An amazing number of 44.6% of people in a survey in Turkey conducted among university students preferred spending time on Facebook than socializing in activities; this is, going out with friends and such. Also, it can cause egocentric behavior patterns, vain or antisocial behaviors, and may cause terrible personality disorders in some cases (Balci page 260). One of the less talked about, yet one of the most dangerous side effects is leaving a dirty digital footprint on the Internet. Though not a very popular topic, it is important to know what this is and what it implies. A digital footprint is the collective, record of evidence the user leaves of his presence in a web site weather it be a safe or unsafe one. The
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