Facebook in a Crowd Analysis Essay

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Facebook in a Crowd by Hal Niedzviecki In the article, titled “Facebook in a Crowd” Hal Niedzviecki discusses his experience with Facebook. Niedzviecki started his account and quickly had about 700 on-line “friends.” In his own words, he was “absurdly proud of how many cyberpals, connections, acquaintances, and even strangers I’d managed to sign up.” (Niedzviecki, 958) But he also had a 2-year-old at home, was a workaholic, and liked being left alone. He had very few real friends. So he decided to have a Facebook party to get to know some of his new friends. Niedzviecki invited all 700 of his “friends” to a local bar for a party. People could respond to one of three options: “Attending,” “Maybe Attending” and “Not Attending.”…show more content…
Facebook is just a tool and having a lot of friends or the ability to start a group doesn't necessarily mean that you will be successful in really connecting people to your company. I have many Facebook friends. Some are past and present students from high school and college, friends from camp, church, and some are coworkers past and present. I have also made many new friends and met in real life for lunch or starbucks several times. For me, Facebook works as an easy way to build new networking friendships and invest in the friendships you already have. Are all of our Facebook friends actually our friends? It’s socially clumsy to think that they are. But that is okay. Networking and online friendships have their own rewards. A few of the friends I have met on Facebook have become very good friends. While I may never meet all of them in person, I am very grateful for them. With the busyness of our lives, Facebook helps me to keep up my friendships. If you're considering Facebook as part of your social media strategy, consider Hal's experience one more time. Perhaps take pause and reach out to your “friends” instead and ask them where they'd like to connect with you. By doing so you might just save yourself that embarrassing situation of your "friends" not showing up to the
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