Facebook 's Benefits And Risks

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Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest are ways that people socialize in today’s society. Each social network has their benefits and risks. Some benefits and risks are common due to the fact that the social networks are similar in their working process. These social networks store different types of data such as the information posted, personal interests, or who uses the social networks. For this project, information on each social network was gathered and then analyzed the benefits and risks of each. One example that has changed the way we socialize is Facebook. Facebook stores a lot of data. “Facebook revealed that its system processes 2.5 billion pieces of content and 500 plus terabytes of data each day” (How Big is Facebook’s Data). That includes the liked actions and photos that are uploaded on a daily basis. Facebook’s data grows every day. Even though Facebook stores a lot of data, there are benefits and risks of Facebook. Three benefits are meeting new people, staying connected with old friends, and advertising. Facebook has helped people learn a new way to meet people. The “add a friend” feature adds friends to the user’s list that they can share information with. Most people today add friends or new acquaintances for popularity reasons. “No one really has 583 friends” (9 ways Facebook changed how we talk). Advertising helps promote businesses, cultures, teams, and student organizations. Facebook has risks such as stalkers or hackers, students getting in trouble, and
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