Facebook 's Effect On Our Life

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For most of us it is the first thing that we check in the morning, and it may have an impact on our mood’s for the rest of the day. What was once a source of entertainment and a way to keep in contact with friends and family that may not live near us has now become a relationship breaking, friend shaming, political pity party. In an effort to increase our happiness we should get rid of Facebook, it ruins relationships and friendships, causes cheating, is full of negativity and overall it makes us unhappy, don 't worry it will be easy. Facebook is the number one killer of friendships. Everyone seems to believe that whatever you post is about them, and god forbid you over-share information and someone goes all wack-a-doo on you. What I really like the most about it is when your “best friends” , and I say this with the most sarcasm possible, post things about you in hopes to shame you and bring you down. The last time I checked Facebook was for entertainment, to keep in contact with friend and relatives who may not live near by, to share your experiences, travels, pictures, and to update everyone on what changes have occurred in your life. So, in my efforts to get rid of the middle school level drama that occurs on FB on a hourly basis, and think we should all take a month of off FB and see if it disappears. We can make it national ban FB month, and anyone who uses it gets a hefty fine. After the month is over I think we will see an increased level of peace and positivity…
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