Facebook 's Impact On Social Media

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Twitter is rapidly ground online social media network platform that allows user to send short messages “tweets” and read other user messages. Through this system people are able to receive real time updates, and follow other users in order to stay updated on significant information based on individual preference. The initial “tweet” was sent on March 21, 2006 by the Web designer Jack Dorsey (Nicholas Carlson, 2011). The Twitter developed from the start-up company Odeo Inc., and first idea was to be Podcasting Company. However, Apple’s competitive advantage forced the founder to cultivate something different, so they developed idea of SMS platform communication system. At first the Twitter was called "Twttr", which was still part of Odeo Inc. The company went through various difficulties and changes, but they attained the goal with their 140-character message system. At this point, Twitter has about 315 million active monthly users, in addition the users that are not registered but can read the public tweets. The mission of the company is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers (Twitter) 1. What are the potential benefits of Twitter and other social media for emergency and disaster communication? As can be seen, today’s generation is attached to their phones, which connect to various social media platforms. Notably, social media was created for people to use for pleasure and to share information or events with
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