Facebook 's Influence On Facebook

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When Facebook was originally created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. It was made specify for students at Harvard University (Best 21). A few years later Facebook became a means of communication to over 1 billion users. Facebook gave users the ability to connect with anyone in the world at the click of a mouse. Users were able to post their day-to-day activities on their timeline and were also able to talk to my family member’s co-workers, and anybody else in between. On Facebook users can be friends with anyone share photos, and meet new people. With a Facebook account; users felt comfortable with themselves. They were able to join Facebook groups that include people that had similar interests as them. User were able to communicate with anybody in the world without meeting them face to face, which eliminated any type of social awkwardness, Facebook simply made communication easier. So easy that anyone could have a Facebook account, grandparents were friends with their grandkids. Facebook even created jobs for individuals. Companies’ paid users to generate a large following so the user could advertise their products. Facebook. A Facebook account also told a lot about the user, it showed everything from the user 's name, to who they were in a relationship with, where they worked, and even where they went to school or work. And all of this information could be found in seconds. With the whole world being able to see you once profile at the click of a mouse made.

To make a…
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