Facebook 's Influence On Social Media

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Stephen Han
Dr. Christopher T. Nielson
Communicating Facebook Facebook has grown to be one of the biggest social media sites in the world. It connects people to society. Especially when in a long distance relationship with friends/family, Facebook allows us to continue to communicate. Although Facebook is very efficient, fast, and continues to update to make it fun and more easy to use, it will never become as open and natural as actual in-person communication. In-person communication allows us to not just listen, but to see the other party’s body language. This leads me to wonder if communication through social media is actually social, or if it leads us to loneliness. Does the experience through social media influence us to lie about our actual personality? I feel sometimes Facebook is just a mask that people put on to hide your true self. I have been a user of Facebook since 2009 and I can testify I have compared my life to others. The things I see on my news feed influence me in many ways. Things like the ALS ice bucket challenge, have influenced me to donate 20 dollars to the cause. I have experienced depression caused by the low amounts of likes (symbolizing disagreement or dislike) on my status posts and optimism through the support of my friend’s likes and comments. I have experienced misinterpretation of jokes in the form of comments, conveying me into disliking that person. Not being able to see the person’s body language led me to misunderstand the…
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