Facebook 's Influence On Social Networking

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An obvious slogan on the homepage to the popular social networking website Facebook is the phrase “Connect with friends and the world you on Facebook” (Facebook n.p). The idea of needing social networking sites to “connect” with everyone else one knows or may meet has become embedded in American culture throughout recent years, especially among the teenage population. Facebook is easily the most popular sites, to the point where it would be considered unusual for someone attending high school to not have a profile on the site. However, does the Facebook actually create a stronger connection between people, or does it simply create the illusion of a healthy social life, while really creating distance a distance between them? According to the Will Reader, a researcher who works at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, people generally have five people they would consider their close friend, in striking contrast to the vast amounts they may have on Facebook (Szumski & Karson 26). This finding seems to suggest that one’s amount of Facebook reflects how popular one wishes to appear online more than how healthy one’s friendship truly are. Bill Keller, an executive for the magazine The New York Times, asserts that constant usage of Facebook allows user to potentially “feel like [they] have a meaningful social life, when in reality, [they are missing] something” (26). Indeed, Facebook can function as a placebo for some users in the place of genuine, healthy social life. Users with

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