Facebook 's Privacy Policy At Facebook

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The first portion of my paper, identified concluded with the following after close examination of Facebook’s privacy policy. After close consideration, I have come to the conclusion that there is no real protection of one’s information when using their services. Everything posted is essentially property of Facebook, and in return for your posts, you get to use their services. Even though they claim you own the information, they profit off your information. It seems that Facebooks’ only interests are that of its own. Unless the information is beneficial to that of their services, whatever it is that you post, and can be harmful to the services of Facebook is then shifted back to your responsibility. It is an extremely subtle and coercive way to influence people to use their service, yet when the implications fall onto them, it is now your information; it is no longer theirs when subjected to scrutiny. Personally, I believe Facebook should simply minimize the words that they use for their policy, and tell users exactly as following: “You do not have any privacy rights when you use our services. You have given us all right to your information. We now own your information, and have the rights to profit from your information, even though technically it is your information, and, unless or until it your information becomes under scrutiny to any legal proceedings, or authoritative source— we will give you back all rights to your information--we are then no longer responsible”.
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