Facebook's Impact On Loneliness

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Facebook’s Impact on Loneliness The Internet has evolved how humans have exactly interacted with each other. In past history, people always struggled with communication. E-mails weren’t exactly the norm. They had to navigate mail by hand with inferior mobilization such as horse-riding. Paul Revere, a U.S. patriot best known for his participation in the Lexington and Concord battles, engaged in the “Midnight Ride.” He navigated throughout Massachusetts all in one night during April 1775, at the peak of the Revolutionary War, warning the Americans that the British were coming. There was no telegram at the time. There was no e-mail. There certainly weren’t social media platforms -- not until today. In the present time, people are globally…show more content…
Some researchers have argued that Facebook positively impacts the psyche by establishing new relationships. However, that is not the case. Facebook is reshaping the modern world into a cesspool of isolation and loneliness. Facebook is one catalyst for increased desolation. A study from University of Michigan psychologist Ethan Kross claims that Facebook usage can lead to more instances of sadness and loneliness. Kross indicates in the study that “[n]ested time-lag analyses indicated that the more people used Facebook the worse they subsequently felt.” The research was able to compose its conclusion based on consistent surveying about the participants’ relative emotional states. Kross composed a questionnaire for Phase 1, assessing the participant 's Facebook motivation levels by asking questions such as whether they use Facebook to share good and bad information with friends and “to find new friends.” For Phase 2, there was another survey provided through text messages. Participants were asked “How do you feel right now? How worried are you right now? How lonely do you feel right now? How much have you used Facebook since the last time we asked? How much have you interacted with other people ‘directly’ since the last time we asked?” Given Kross’s statistical data, there exists a negative connection between Facebook intensity and satisfaction levels. As the participants used Facebook
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