Facebook’s Non-Compliance with Canadian Privacy Laws

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“The world of privacy has changed, and Canada’s laws need to keep up. Personal information has been called the oil of the digital economy and as companies drill for more data, the risk to privacy are growing exponentially.” After an investigation conducted in 2009 prompted by a complaint filed from the Canadian Policy and Public Interest Clinic, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner has concluded that Facebook’s current practices of third party applications do not comply with Canadian Privacy Laws. The Commissioner’s concerns include inadequate disclosure to users about what is being disclosed, lack of consent, and lack of control over personal information with third-party developers. With these findings, the Commissioner has proposed several recommendations for Facebook to take on, however the company has refused to comply. In this paper I will argue that the Office of Privacy Commission requires stronger enforcement powers in ordering Facebook to change its third party application practices in order to effectively protect consumers personal information. “We live in a regulatory state. The idea of the regulatory state is that a new institutional and policy style has emerged, in which governments role as regulator advances while its role as a direct employer or property owner may decline through privatization” Consumers are currently protected under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act dealing with the personal information under the private

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