Faceplant: A Reflective Essay-Personal Narrative

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The buzz word “faceplant” came to mind when I first viewed the subject of my investigation. She was lying there face down on the pavement. Her hands were at her sides, which means she didn’t try to prevent, or brace herself for her fall to the ground. This begs the question, why? It is unnatural, and I can’t wrap my head around it. I had to discover what was going on at the time of her fall. As a detective, I decided the best way to find out was by playing devil’s advocate, then just do the math. It should have been simple. I questioned the people who were at the scene. The first witness was a young man with a large gold earing in one ear and long spiked hair. He looked worried and nervous. “Okay, Mr. Rugula, did you see Ms. Facepl—, I mean…show more content…
I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, and consider him innocent, for now. The next witness was a woman who seemed eager to talk. I liked that. She was a Mrs. Rhodes, who was visiting from Des Moines. “Mrs. Rhodes, did you see Ms. Facemeyer fall flat on her face and the Drama Queen, Mr. Rugula, not helping her nor hurting her, but did call our for help?” “You hit the nail on the head, that is exactly what happened.” “Did you perhaps, happen to catch some movement out of the corner of your eye and not witness what actually happened? Our minds tend to fill in the information required to fit the incident.” You actually didn’t see it happen, did you?” “Yes I did. You are trying to play the devil’s advocate aren’t you?” “Yes, I am.” “How’s that working for you?” “Mrs. Rhodes, you are being condescending, and I could care less. I’m trying to solve this mystery.” “While it’s true, in the heat to the moment Mr. Rugula carried on like a drama queen, he did call for help, and help came. “Well then how do you explain what happened to Ms. Facepl—, I mean, Ms. Facemeyer?” I had to ask. “It’s not rocket science, she is diabetic and passed out because she lacked insulin.” “And you know this how?” “She is wearing a diabetic bracelet, to notify others of her
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