Facets and Traits of Good Leadership

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This report will seek to explore and define several of these facets and traits as well as give reasons why these facets are proper while others are less desirable. Good leadership can come in different forms and functions but one usually knows it when one sees it and the same is often true of bad leadership.
One facet of good leadership is knowledge. There are two main dimensions to this facet. The first is emotional intelligence and management skills in general. All leaders must know this in some form or another and it's a general prerequisite that a leader at least have these skills more than having intimate knowledge of the technical side of the job (which is not always present"¦.more on this in a second). Even if a leader is brought in to manage people more than knowing the intimate details of a job and all its moving parts, they have to know people management or they will end up suffering (Hsin-Kuang, Chun-Hsiung & Dorjgotov, 2012).
The second part of knowledge in a leadership role is not nearly as necessary but it's a good thing to have. Some leaders are installed more for their eventual function as a manager and people-processor rather than what they know about a job. This can generally work as long as the leader does not necessarily need to know the job's functions in and out because their function is more to deal with the staff and keep…
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