Facets of Overall Health

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Facets of Overall Health When one thinks of health, it is often associated with physical well being. Most believe good health is achieved by good levels of energy, fewer illnesses and trips to the doctor and normal organ functioning. However, this is only one aspect of a persons health. Mental illness, spiritual beliefs, living conditions and socio-economic levels, all play important roles when it comes to determining a person's health. Health is a social construction comprised of cultural beliefs, statistics and morbidity rate within a culture, gender, class, education and religion; all of which determine our individual opinion and reality of what health really is. For example, some people are naturally skinny and have a hard time gaining weight where others are on the opposite end of that spectrum. Body size, type, muscular density are all factors in determining how physically healthy we are. But, there is also the question of cultural beliefs. In the western societies, the media places a lot of emphasis on being skinny, as this is what is considered beautiful. Other societies do not share the same opinion and may believe extra body weight is a sign of good health. Many sociologists have attempted to break down the idea of health in each society, by developing model systems within different cultural parameters. For example, the Biomedical Model is most prevalent in the Western world, and it views the
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