Facial Expressions Are A Means For Communication For People

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Facial expressions are a means for communication for people. You can interpret and understand what a person is feeling by looking at his or her face. If its laughter, fear, disgust, happiness, anger, tiredness or even cheerfulness you can understand what a person is feeling. What is interesting about facial expressions is that they are universal and not limited to one culture or one region. Being able to recognize different facial expressions is an important element for survival and for communication. However, one might consider the difficulty that Parkinson’s patients face in recognizing different facial expressions. Scientifically speaking, Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder in the central nervous system. Parkinson’s primary effect relates to the efficiency of neurons in the brain, which gradually diminishes with time, causing the chemical that is produced from these neurons to stop. These chemicals are involved with the movement and motor skills of the patient. As a result, the movement of the patient is then compromised, causing the patient to experience symptoms like shaking, shivering, and postural instability (Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, 2015). Studies have been trying to support the notion of an evident relationship between Parkinson’s disease and the recognition of particular facial expressions, followed by a wide variety of results that were concluded. For instance, some studies have concluded that Parkinson’s affects only the recognition of anger
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