Facial Trauma Case Study

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The police and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) picked up a twenty three year old male from home, who shot himself with a gun. When EMS arrived the victim was unconsciousness and he shot himself from the jaw upward. The gunshot wound had penetrated from the jaw all way to his left eye. His heart rate was 140, respiratory rate is 40, and blood pressure is 75/44. While transporting the victim to a Level 1 trauma center at University Medical Center (UMC), the paramedics secured the C-spine and intubated the patient. After the hospitalization, the patient was put on ventilator. The risk factors associated with head/ facial trauma is males under twenty five, use of drug and alcohol and gunshot wound. All these factors contribute to my patient. His…show more content…
The nurses provided holistic care and provided immediate intervention as needed for the patient. As a nursing student I observed the nurse, and helped her to provide an excellent care for the patient. I monitored the vital signs and informed abnormal vital signs to my nurse. As I was performed focused assessment on my patient, I observed very combative behavior which could be due to the severe pain. I provided oral care, checked gastric residual, and I was also able to draw some blood. I was able to observe great teamwork within the nurses also among other interprofessional team, like respiratory therapy. For example, while turning the patient all the nurses would come to assist and respiratory therapist would also come to make sure the patient gets enough oxygen prior to movement. Cooperative and coordinated works among the team members diminishes the conflict and foster a smooth function in the health care field. In caring for my patient, nurse’s important tool is the therapeutic use of self. Each of us views things differently; therefore the important quality of the nurse is empathy that enables the nurse to understand how the patient feels. As a nurse it’s our goal to help our patients obtain the maximum level of restorative health. According to Williams, C. (2008), “Emotions of caring and compassion for our clients promote clients trust and, in turn, facilitate our ability to promote client healing” (p.4).I provided a comfortable environment to my patient, and I observed my nurse. In order for nurses to be competent they have to use effective communication skills for giving feedback, clarifying tasks and patient status and resolving conflict. Abundant knowledge and skills of the nurse enhances to improve our patient’s health. Therapeutic touch of nurse has a great impact on patient’s conditions. We need to also identify our patient’s goals and help them to meet those goals. The
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