Facilitate Continuous Improvement

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Project 1 For the following project assessments you will only need to undertake either Project 1 or Project 2 to obtain competency. Write a 3,000 word paper explaining what continuous improvement means in the context of organisational success. Explain how the concept can and should be applied. Explain how it is possible to lead continuous improvement systems and processes encouraging employees to: - participate in decision making processes - assume responsibility - exercise initiative Explain how you will conduct an information session to communicate an organisation's continuous improvement process to employees. Explain how you would identify and address sustainability requirements in light of continuous improvement Explain…show more content…
The ideas presented in your paper need to be logically sequenced, relevant to the topic and should provide evidence of wider reading. Quotations and references should be correctly cited in the text, with a complete reference list as per Tri Training referencing guide. Continuous improvement consists of incremental initiatives and innovations to achieve best practices. All expectations and objectives should be deployed to stakeholders clearly. Providing encouragement and implementing incentive plans should help in developing a culture of continuous improvement. Personally, I feel that sustainable continuous improvement (CI) requires the following thinking and action:: 1. Accept continuous improvement as a "VALUE" of the organisation; inculcate it in all 2. CI is an attitude; shape it by linking it with rewards and recognition 3. Create a buy-in of the people in CI, so that they see in it why they should do it. 4. Do it not through direction but by empowerment/Involvement/suggestions 5. Develop a shared vision of the organization; and link it with that 6. Identify training need, deliver first-rate training, & measure its effectiveness. 7. Create an environment of continuous learning among all employees 8. Create an atmosphere of people care, dignity, positivity, inspiration, and fun To successfully build a culture for continuous improvement, people in the organization need to be engaged and a part of the
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