Facilitate Contiuous Improvement Essay

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BSBMGT516C: Facilitate Continuous Improvement Assessment Tool 3 (AT3): Project Implementing Continuous Improvement to Facilitate Organisational Success Continuous improvement is a perpetual quality management process that relies upon all stakeholders to participate in a process or activity to enhance efficiency, sustainability and quality outputs by systematically introducing small effective changes that result in improvement. By involving all stakeholders in the practice of identifying areas for improvement, the overall quality output of an organisation should gradually improve over time. Organisations should encourage their staff to participate in the process by encouraging them to undertake regular self-assessment, track their…show more content…
Those activities that secure and protect ongoing improvement should also be prioritised and decision making strategies also need to have an element of flexibility in order to avoid irremovable roadblocks. Creating an Action Plan Action plans clarify the goals and objectives that were outcomes of the decision making process, identify roles and responsibilities of individuals, and enable the tracking of milestones and identifies a sequenced orderly list of all tasks required to be completed. The process of compiling the action plan should actively involve the employees and contributors who made the decision and who are responsible for its implementation. An action plan template may be needed to implement major changes. A template clearly defines the overall objective of the task, what steps are required, how it is to be achieved, who will be undertaking the task, the timeframes involved to achieve outcomes, as well as the benefits of the task and whom is responsible for actioning each step. By creating an action plan employees are able to progressively monitor progress and achievement, and identify the effectiveness of the change. Open & Effective Communication Effective communication measures are necessary to ensure that employees are aware of the need for change as part of an organisations commitment to continuous improvement. Organisations with good internal communication are able to

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