Essay on Facilitating Diffusion of E-governent Services

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1 Introduction E-government has the potential to improve greatly the delivery of public services, making them easier to access, more convenient to use, more responsive, more transparent and so on. It also has the potential to free up resources in the public sector by delivering services more efficiently. Therefore governments are keen to push their citizens to use online services to deliver public services more efficiently and faster with lower cost. For instance U.K. government, in February 2010, announced a new strategy for the public sector aimed at simplifying and standardizing ICT across the public sector to enable interoperability and data sharing while providing flexibility and efficient services that will deliver savings of over £…show more content…
2 E-government literature Electronic government can be defined as an ever-increasing and pervasive use of information and communication technologies in the context of the Information Society, which more and more affects the public sector; the importance of this development is increasingly acknowledged in many countries around the world and experiments are being conducted at all levels of government – local, regional, national and European – to improve the functioning of public services concerned and to extend their interaction with the outside world (Vassilakis et al, 2006). This new way of operating services based on In the diffusion of public services to the citizens literature There are several reasons behind spreading the ICT concept within the society but 3 E-services in The U.K. Delivering e-services by the U.K. government was announced for the first time in 1994 by launching website. This was the first attempt by British government to facilitate usage of governmental services for the citizens (E-government Factsheet, 2010). Since then, the British government tried to develop a virtual network to make all its services easier to access by introducing more online portals. In 2007 they decided to centralise their services into two so called “supersites”; and First web portal aimed to give information to the citizens and second one is designed to help businesses. To have a better

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