Facilitating Learning and Assessment in Practice

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Introduction to English Studies (Eng 281) [pic] Sample Self-Reflective Essay #1 When I think of books, I can’t help but smile in anticipation of the journey I will embark upon from cover to cover, the secrets that will be revealed within their pages, the additions to my vocabulary I will collect as souvenirs, and the new avenues that will be excavated in the realm of my mind. Beginning as early as I can remember, books were read to me by my mother, my father and my sisters. The thrill of an outing to the public library while growing up in rural Wisconsin was every bit as exciting as a trip to the carnival or the circus because, as my earliest discoveries conveyed, books could take me any place. I believe I must have been born with a…show more content…
These teachers possessed attitudes that found them among the favorites of students at the top of the academic ladder all the way to the bottom; students who cared more for science or sports and students who seemed to care for nothing at all found they could read works by Poe, Twain or Steinbeck and become better for having read them and gleaned an understanding of their contents. Teachers who are able to foster appreciation of a literary work where there was none before are invaluable to the field of education. Reading literature, writing poetry, prose and essays and participating in theatre and forensics have been the major contributors to a better perception of the many facets of "English" for me, and that perception, I believe, was the catalyst for my ongoing romance with the components of the English language. I simply adore the use of words and the medley of ways in which words can be ordered to create new and distinct works of art. Just as an architect must thrill at the preparation of blueprints for the design of a building, I tingle at locating the right words to construct the perfect sentence. Reading diverse literature by a variety of authors has enabled me to take apart sentences and phrases and ponder why the author chose specific words as the blueprint for the design of a theme, message or character. I think that
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