Facilitating The Grief Process After A Loss

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Facilitating the Grief Process After a Loss Grief is a complex, emotional process that involves various forms of expression. Because of the nature of the healthcare industry, nurses and healthcare providers are exposed to death and grief. Furthermore, nurses care for various diverse populations. In order to help others with the grief process, it is important that nurses have a good understanding grief models, as well as an understanding of the role that cultural variation has on the way people express grief. Normal and Abnormal Grief Grief can sometimes be thought of as something that should be avoided, however it is a normal process that allows individuals to process a loss. Leming and Dickinson (2010) suggested that in a normal…show more content…
Tasks of Mourning There are several models on grief, however this author believes that one of the most significant is William Worden’s four tasks of grieving model. According to Leming and Dickinson, 2010, mourning is necessary for all individuals who have experienced loss and there are four tasks of mourning one must accomplish before the mourning process can be completed. These four tasks are as follows: to accept the realty of loss, experience the pain of grief, adjust to an environment in which the person is absent, and to withdraw emotional energy and reinvest it in another relationship. Worden suggested that if the tasks are not completed, the individual will struggle to develop and grow (Worden, 1982). This model has a unique application to nursing because it suggests that certain actions can be done through the control of the mourner in order to facilitate the grieving process. Even more significant is that nurses with knowledge of this theory will be able to help guide grievers through this process. Accept the reality of Loss The goal of this step is to help the griever accept the reality of the loss. While this can be especially difficult in situations where the death is sudden, it is important to overcome the response of denial. Some of the ways in which one can facilitate this step would be to view the body, attend the funeral, or to discuss the death and situations around the death (Leming & Dickinson, 2010).
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