Facilities And Equipment Plan For An Organization

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Facilities and Equipment Plan Our goal at Smoothie King is to provide an environment that is fully functional and welcoming for our customers. We are making smoothies to assist people with various health purposes and preferences. In order to do that we must have a facility that encompasses all of our needs to provide our customers with the best service possible. Principal Location Location: South point Mall McDonough, Georgia 30253, when customers walk through our doors, they will immediately see a spacious and welcoming floor plan, a logical system for service, and a menu with a variety of item selections that are fully customizable. Square Footage: Ideally our square footage should be 800-1200 square foot. However we are trying to reduce costs and increase profit. Doing this we will need to retain a space that is closer to 1200 square foot or more as we will have our office, production, and sales at this location. Description of Use: We will use our facility to do the following; Administration, Purchasing, and Production. Production that will take place is the transformation of making raw materials (produce) into ready to drink smoothies. Each creation will be customized by the customers’ purpose or preference. Parking/ Transportation: There is ample amount of parking as our Smoothie King Location will be a part of a mall, also we are offering a drive-in to cater to the needs of those customers who are unable to come into the facility. Shipping Access/ Facilities: N/A
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