Facility Management of Hospitality

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THE IMPORTANCE OF EMPLOYEE TRAINING IN DELIVERING SERVICE QUALITY THROUGH PROCESS DESIGNS IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Introduction Tourism has by now become a global undertaking by consumers. As with other industries that operate in a globalised market, the hospitality industry is highly competitive with many companies vying for an extremely fickle and highly mobile customer base. Hospitality businesses are thus driven by a complex web of competitive strategy whereby marketing and operation is strongly customer focused (Olsen and Roper, 1998; Okumus et al., 2010). Consumers within the tourism and travel sector are well informed and experienced and know what they want. Therefore, customer expectations tend to be established in the…show more content…
Biyan and Chi (2011) suggest that is impossible never to make a mistake and argue that service delivery must be matched by service recovery. Customers are more forgiving if a hotel makes a mistake but is then able to rectify this immediately. Service recovery requires a good design combined with well-trained staff. Design is an important feature in the hotel business to enhance the customer experience (Teixeira et al., 2012). It ranges from spatial designs of foyers, front office areas, rooms, dining areas, storage, etc to systems designs such as booking systems and process designs for housekeeping. For example, the physical design of space and facilities can make all the difference for disabled people visiting the hotel (Rossetti, 2009). In terms of systems design, the adoption of IT technology and electronic data interchange plays a pivotal role in service delivery (Leung and Law, 2012) and should be designed for user friendliness and of perceived value by the staff (Kim et al., 2008). The right investment in IT technology can lead to competitive advantage if thought through well (Bilgihan et al., 2011). The Phoenix Hotel Manager, for instance, is a software solution that supports a range of cross departmental data interface from online booking, to front office and reservation management, to accounting services, to housekeeping management and
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