Essay about Facility Planning Part 1

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Facility Planning Part 1 HCS/446 June 24, 2013 Royann Schmidgall Facility Planning Part 1 There are numerous stages involved when stakeholders think about remodeling or building a new facility. There are three specific stages when deciding to remodel or build. Stage one is the planning and defining the hospital project. This includes a strategic plan, needs assessment, and concept design. Stage two is the design development, schematic design, construction documentation, and building permits. Stage three involves the financial aspect of planning. During this phase bidding, licensing, construction, and evaluation are taking place (California Healthcare Foundation, n.d.). According to Tradition Medical Center (2013), “Martin…show more content…
Population of the Community When considering plans to build a new health care facility, the organization must ensure there is a need in the community. The health care organization must evaluate the community to discover what type of facility is needed and the population it is serving. Tradition Medical Center will serve a population of more than 166,000 and is the ninth largest city by population in Florida (City of Port St. Lucie, 2012). Tradition Medical Center will serve patients of all ages. New Building Description Tradition Medical Center will consist of 90 beds with room to expand to approximately 300 beds. The medical center will offer a variety of services to include emergency, labor and delivery, neonatal intensive care unit, inpatient oncology, general and specialized surgery, diagnostic imaging (MRI and CT), gastrointestinal, endoscopy, and clinical research. Tradition Medical Center will start out with four operating rooms with contingency to expand. Tradition Medical Center sits on 20 acres, conveniently located off the interstate. The emergency department is the first place patients will come when in crisis for medical services. The emergency department should be designed to accommodate patients of all ages. Each room needs to have enough space to allow staff to perform his or her duties effectively and efficiently. In order to accomplish this, the room needs to be
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