Facing Death

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Lazarus of Bethany is the subject of a miracle recounted in the Bible where Jesus restores Lazarus to life after four days of being dead. Plath sees herself as the female Lazarus, who has been raised from the dead three times and thus a miracle. Like the sense of miracle, Plath sees her deaths like Lazarus’s for they don’t fall into the category of usual deaths. Sylvia Plath completed her masterpiece, Lady Lazarus, in the days before her suicide in 1963, while in a condition of disturbance, suffering and obsession. This is not just a poem; rather a message to others about her life, her enemies, and her struggles with everything from her family to mental stability. Lady Lazarus conveys Plath's real life suicide attempts and a detailed…show more content…
In the same respect the use of "a million filaments" can be related to the flashbulbs of the reporters when the press flocked to Plath upon her discovery in the crawl space and revival at McLean. Plath speaks of her character like that of a cat; she has nine times to die. In total, Plath's attempted suicide three times, and was successful on the fourth. Sylvia Plath finally took her life by creating a gas chamber with her stove in the kitchen of her London flat. Plath creatively uses the line, " What a trash / To annihilate each decade", to imply that she has attempted suicide three times, once in each decade, first when she was 19, and again at age 20 and 30. The death of her beloved mother and father, haunted each decade of her rather short life. Plath's final unveiling of her own life's events and her story of suicide is viewed in stanza fourteen when she says: As a sea shell. They had to call and call And pick the worms off me like sticky pearls. This stanza shows the severe experience that Plath describes in her book The Bell Jar, in which Esther Greenwood—a character based on herself—walked into the ocean in an attempt to go underwater, never to return, thus drowning. The vivid imagery of "picking worms off" like "sticky pearls”, shows the end result that she was rescued and revived, but, yet again,
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