Facing Diversity - Case Study of Carrefour in Asia

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GLOBAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT MMUI 2010 Facing Diversity Case Study of Carrefour in Emerging Asia China – India – Indonesia As of 2010, Carrefour S.A. was the largest global retailer in Europe and the second largest of the world in terms of revenue1. Carrefour develops with a multiformat approach ranging from its core hypermarket chains to supermarkets, convenience and hard discount stores. For professionals, Carrefour is also developing the cash & carry format. At year-end 2009, Carrefour had over 15,600 stores in 34 countries. 1 http://www.stores.org/2010/Top-250-List Bernardus Erry Nugroho Fanny Siskarina (1006793113) (1006793441) John Anthonius Luciana (1006793706) (1006793800) Facing Diversity|2 Figure 1:…show more content…
high company needs to avoid any business failure because it will have major impact on the overall Group’s performance performance. aspects Careful planning by including all aspect of business environment that far from the impression of trial and error is absolutely necessary to ensure business success and sustainability of the Group’s growth. ’s This paper aims to analyze the challenging business environment faced by Carrefour in its business activities in Asia As a region, Asia is very different from other areas such Asia. as in Europe mainly due to its high diversity that may not be obtained elsewhere. The discussion will focus on exposure diversity aspects that affect the business significantly. Focus of analysis is the country China, India and Indonesia, which represent countries with high economic growth and high heterogeinity. heterogeinity Facing Diversity|5 Retail Business Environment Strategy & Rivalry Input Conditions Carrefour Demand Conditions Goal & Strategy Related & Supporting Industries ISSUE The business environment can be understood in terms of four factors: Factor (Input) Conditions, Context for Firm Strategy and Rivalry, Demand Conditions, and Related & Supporting Industries. Factor (Input) Condition:

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