Facing The Changing Of Enterprise External Environment

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Facing the changing of enterprise external environment, it asks for managers should stand at the height of strategic management to makes an overall plan for the development of the enterprise. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) has great advantages in the link of enterprise strategy and performance management. It covers strategic areas, and includes human resource management. However, it has many shortages and theoretical defect.
Recent research (Rui Z and Ming J, 2001) argued that most research on performance evaluation tend to be more attention the analysis of some traditional index in China. Although these traditional index which involved in BSC can reflect historical outstanding achievement to some extent, but it can not fully reflected the healthy situation for running and real reasons for developing. The new performance measurement was designed on the basis of original BSC which will add some dimensions to improve earning growth and promote enterprise long-term stable development.
The range of most Haier research is very wide. China scholars explain the successful reasons from the aspects of Haier culture, diversification and internationalization, incentive machine, interpretation system (Meng L, 2001; Tao Ouyang 2005; Shaoju Shi, 2011). But in the same type of article, the praise for Haier success is more than the rigorous academic research.
Xu Hang(2009) presented that one reason for Haier rapid growth is its culture and innovation, such as international strategy and
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