Facing the Truth Essay

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Facing the Truth Should people always tell the truth, or it is sometimes better to lie? Some people prefer to hide themselves behind a wall of lies rather than face the truth and deal with it. It is an incontestable fact that truth hurts, but without it people can never create trustful relationships or reach real happiness. This can be observed in families' relationships. Every family has secrets that remain hidden somewhere in the deepest drawers; secrets that people keep in order to protect themselves, or their beloveds. Such secrets, however, may ruin the trust, communication, and love among the members of these families. In the novel the curiosity incident of the dog in the night-time and the film Secrets and Lies, Mark Haddon and…show more content…
Christopher is so confused about the concept of lying that he says: "I do not tell lies...but it is not because I am a good person. It is because I can't tell lies" (19). That is why Christopher decides not to write a novel, but a book in which ?everything I have written... is true? (20). Christopher can become stronger person who functions adequately in the world, only if he learn haw to deal with emotions and motives of lying. All these strange features of Christopher?s character create the main conflict in his dealing with the world around him. Things change after Wellington, the pet poodle who lives across the street, is killed. Christopher decides to find the killer of the dog. Investigating the crime, Christopher uncovers many secrets about his own family. The first shocking truth that Christopher discovers is that his mother is not dead as his father has told him. Christopher finds a box full of letters addressed to him from his mother. These letters confuse Christopher so much that he is ready to think that "perhaps it is a letter to another person called Christopher, from that Christopher's mother" (99). Christopher tries to find another explanation, because he cannot believe that his father had lied to him. Christopher's father lies to his son in order to protect him from the painful truth, because he loves him. Christopher concept of love is ?helping them when they get into trouble, and looking after them, and telling them the truth?
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