Fact Fluency Research Paper

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After numerous walk-throughs and classroom observations it was observed that at Neal Elementary mathematics teachers do not have an understanding of fact fluency and do not provide opportunities for students to develop fact fluency in their classroom learning experiences. From these observations, the assumption made is that many teachers lack the understanding of what fluency means and how to build fluency within students. After talking with teachers, they refer to fact fluency as timed tests and many of the students on our campus often practice in this manner. These tests typically take the form consisting of a page with thirty equations. I have observed many of our students feeling discouraged, especially the ones who have learned inefficient…show more content…
I am aware that daily fact practice, for three to five minutes, is a district expectation that is stated in the district math guidelines. However, there has been no formal training at the district level nor the campus level on understanding fact fluency and/ or fact fluency strategies. As a campus we have provided some ideas on how teachers can include fact fluency in their classrooms, whether it be at a work station or it be a whole group three to five minute session, but we have not provided any professional development on what actual fact fluency is nor fact fluency…show more content…
I expected the teachers to talk about the need for fact fluency as a component to students being successful in math, but not as a way for students to not loose brainpower or in such a way that if students do not master facts they would be unsuccessful. Not only did this value surprise me, but it also expresses an opposing viewpoint from the focus of my Record of Study (ROS). I believe that in order for students to be successful, the teacher has to have the knowledge needed to support the students. Students just memorizing facts are not going to ensure students are always going to be successful. This statement, under the value survival, also opposes the statement made by this same teacher as well as another teacher that fell under obligation to
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