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Fact Pattern is an article regarding a cell phone company that has decided to change the safety procedures. As a result of this decision, ethical and legal aspects can be analyzed through the obligation she has to the company and the fundamental ethical reasoning. By skipping the safety testing of the developed battery, the president of Tri-star created an issue with both a legal and ethical dimension. A legal issue may arise from this decision because the customer’s safety is in jeopardy when the cell phone is in use. The battery is not safety tested and can possibly explode. The president may be in legal troubles regarding the tort of negligence because he knowingly skipped the safety procedures regarding the battery, and then lied about…show more content…
The president is a separate entity that should make decisions that are unbiased. The decisions are also supposed to be ethical and made in the best interest of its employees and consumers. By skipping the battery safety tests, she made a biased decision that would increase revenues and benefit her, but put the consumer’s safety at risk. The president acted upon her personal values. The decisions made by the president are very important and set an image of the company that society judges. By making this decision and lying about it to the media, the president created a negative output involving the company that will affect future business. Regarding character and virtue, we should consider the kind of people that we want to be and the example and we should set. As a president, she should've acted ethically which would have set a positive example of the company and wouldn't have ruined the reputation. Based on this analysis, it is evident that the president acted against the character/virtue ethical reasoning. To conclude, the president of Tri-star made a decision that had multiple negative effects on the company. This situation could have been avoided by thoroughly thinking decisions through and acting ethically. Unfortunately, the president acted upon her personal interests which created the issue for
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