Factitious Disorders

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FACTITIOUS DISORDER Facticious means artificial or unnatural, a definition that could not be more appropriate. People who suffer from factitious disorder (FD) “are great con men or con women, although what they obtain through their conning most people would far rather not have”[1]. The earliest accounts of factitious disorders are recorded in the times of Galen, a Roman physician in the second century A.D. The term ‘factitious’ itself, is derived from a book, published in 1843 by Gavin, On Feigned and Factitious Diseases. Most aggressive study of the disorder began in 1950s, when an article published by a British psychiatrist, Richard Asher who initiated use of the term, Munchausen’s Syndrome[i], to describe a subtype of…show more content…
Specific symptoms |Specific symptoms (n*=47) |number of cases (% of all cases) | |Dramatic (false) stories |36 (77%) | |Care eliciting behaviors [Total = 40 (85%)] |suicidal threats and gestures |13 (28%) | | |factitious disorders - physical |28 (60%) | | |other |5
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