Factor Affecting Organizational Behavior

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MACRO-ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR BUS 765 Facilitator: Harry J. Bury, Ph.D. Office: (216) 826-2395 Home: (216) 891-9517 E MAIL: hbury@bw.edu Website: http://homepages.bw.edu/~hbury The macro-perspective provides a broader view of organizational effectiveness by dealing with the major sub-units of the organization rather than individuals and small groups. This perspective deals with employee behavior as well as with overall design of the organization, efficiency, and adaptation to the environment. The macro-route to organizational change includes design of individual roles and organizational structures, relationships among roles, control systems, and…show more content…
Using information from Chapter 21, redesign their workgroups jobs for the purpose of increasing performance and intrinsic motivation. Return to the workgroup and share your new design with both the workers and the supervisor separately and be attentive to their feedback. Capture the learning from this entire experience in a paper of about 3 to 4 pages and be prepared to present your findings to the class. Everyone attending every class meeting will have two points added to the final grade. If one misses a class, two points will be deducted from the final grade unless one watches an assigned video and write a paper. This is not punishment. It is an opportunity to get one’s money’s worth by added learning. All team members will receive the same grade for the company research project. The same for the two person facilitation project. In addition, both the quality of the content as well as the spirit of the contributions are significant variables in grading. A+ = 99 to 100% Facilitator Project First Learning Opportunity, 50% A = 94 to 98% Company Research Second Learning Opportunity, 30% A- = 90 to 93% Third Learning Opportunity and Participation each 10% B+ = 87 to 89% B =
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