Factor Analysis Of Mcdonalds

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Prepared by – Manish Thakwani (28NMP22)
Table of Contents
Executive Summary 2
McDonald’s Corporation 3
McDonald’s Strategy 6
Global Expansion of McDonald’s 8
Franchise business and its impact on McDonald’s 10
The external environment and its effect on McDonald’s 12
The internal environment of McDonald’s 14
Industry Analysis via Porter’s six forces model 15
McDonald’s SWOT Analysis 17
McDonald’s Competitor Analysis 8
External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix for McDonald’s 19
Internal Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix for McDonald’s 20
Competitor Profile Matrix (CPM) for McDonald’s 20
BCG Matrix for McDonald’s 21
Conclusion 22
References and Bibliography 23

Executive Summary

This report contains apart from the global strategies adopted by McDonalds and how it
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McDonald’s has been rated as a “Great to place to work” in almost 30 countries across the globe.

• Technological factors:
Technological factor’s main elements are Research & Development, computerization, and technology motivation. Technological movements affect expenditures, excellence, and innovation and machine made food is more hygienic. McDonald's employee’s quick service and quality food standards are the result of its high-tech operating procedure. Smart inventory system, computers and smart cashiers are used in McDonald's to speed up serving and operating excellence.

McDonald’s generates demand for its products through online marketing through Google ads, Facebook etc. In countries like India, they collaborate with websites like Snapdeal, Timesdeal, Flipkart, Yatra etc. to promote sales. It has also developed smartphone applications for consumers to order food through their phones.

McDonald’s can further use IT to their advantage i.e. to enhance their overall operational
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