Factoral Factors Affect Ethical Decision-Making

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Factors Affecting Ethical Organizational Decision Making
When an individual or group of individuals in an organization makes a decision, there are both individual factors as described above, in addition there are organizational factors come into play and affect the final decision. The culture of an organization is made up of three elements: Societal culture, industrial culture and organizational culture. If any of these cultures accepts less than ethical behavior it can encourage ethical dissolution in the organization ( Jackson et al., 2013). The approach to decision making in organizations is important as well. If an organization is focused on making quick and an deadline decisions, this may lead to unethical decision making and ethical dissolution as it does not allow the formal process of weighing out all of the ethical implications ( Jackson et al., 2013). Finally, the organizational structure and networks (internal and external) affect the overall quality of communication, chain of command and establish relationships which affect ethical decision making and behavior. Craft (2013) reviewed the literature and detailed how organizational factors affect ethical decision making as well. Rewards and sanctions, ethical culture, code of ethics, organizational culture, subjective norms, organization size, competiveness, policies and procedure, and relationships and teams affected ethical decision making. The trend appears to be organizational culture, ethical culture,

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