Factoring: Alternative Model of Financing

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Ivanovic, Sasa, Suzana Baresa, and Sinisa Bogdan. 2011. Factoring: Alternative model of financing. UTMS Journal of Economics 2 (2): 189–206.

Preliminary communication (accepted April 2, 2011)

Sasa Ivanovic1 Suzana Baresa Sinisa Bogdan
Abstract: This paper aims to present factoring as an alternative funding model. This paper also tries to scientifically explore and emphasize its economic role thorough advantages and disadvantages of such financing model, and show condition in world and Croatia. Good corporate governance and professional financial management can contribute to the establishment of such business strategy (in terms of: strategy in relation to potential risks, the systems for
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At a time when it charge more than the discounted price which he paid for the purchased receivables, the factor profits (Ivanovic, 1997, 261).

Receivables—liquid form of asset Liquidity can be defined as financial solvency of the company it can be expressed as the liquidity of asset as well as corporate liquidity or solvency (Kallberg and Parkinson 1993, quoted in Ivanovic 1997, 125). On Stock market liquidity can be measured by observing the gap between the buying and selling price (Bogdan, Baresa, and Ivanovic, 2010, 45). Some authors (Uyemura; Van Deventer) define liquidity as ability to collect funds at no extra costs within a reasonable time (1993, 234). For continuous and normal business activities (lifetime) of each business entity most important is ability to timely settle obligations when they come for final payment. Receivable is liquid if it can be sold in short time without significant loss. In assessment of liquidity of individual receivable it is very important probability that it can be converted into cash, probability that it can be matched price and assumption that these two probabilities will not change at the market. Most liquid form of asset of a business entity represents funds which are ready for use in different purposes, after money—most liquid form of asset owned by
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