Factors Affect Globalization

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My identity is impacted every day due to the causes of globalization and the effects it has on me and others as well. The exact definition of globalization is “The process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale.”. In short, this means when businesses get so big that they are on a global scale. This then demonstrates that the decisions the companies make influence a large group of people. These large companies are then called transnationals and hold lots of power when it comes to influencing people. In this example when a large group of people is experiencing one thing on a global level it's called universalization. However, this is on a large scale and I have been asked to expand on my thoughts and ideas on how it affects my individual identity. This can be they then affect your decisions and therefore your identity. These can be trends that are happening, the clothes you, choose and even the music you listen to. I will do this by explaining the three dimensions, four forces, and some of the nine factors that all create globalization, as well as relate to it on a personal level. The three dimensions of globalization are economic, political, and social. These are all factors however that contribute my identity as an individual. These decisions are made and impacted however by globalization. Globalization is when businesses become so big on a global scale, they then affect your decisions and therefore your identity. On an economic level, my identity is impacted because of the money I make working as well as my parents. If this were to change my whole life would be different, either good or bad depending on the type of change. Political decisions made by the government have major impacts on my identity because they have control over the country. For example, if they made a decision that allows the loggers to take everything in the Rockies. This would have major effects because I bike there quite often and I have created memories as well. Not only would it affect my personal identity but also the community that I belong to. These people depend on the forests around my house and in the Rockies. Places like these fund many local
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