Factors Affecting Academic Performance

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Factors that influence Academic Performance
Research Question:
What factors influence students’ academic performance the most?
It is common to think that school success is only related to IQ, however, that is not totally true because there are other factors that strongly related to students’ academic performance. According to a study published in 2011 by “The journal of school health” students who had a balance and nutritious diet regularly, scored higher on tests. In addition, an improvement of 6.8% in academic performance was observed (qtd in “Healthy vs unhealthy food”). Furthermore, Dr. Philip Alapat, medical director, states that “any prolonged sleep deprivation will affect, your mood, energy level, and ability to concentrate, focus and learn, which directly affects your academic performance.” (qtd in “Sleep deprivation”)

Review of Literature:
According to Amherst H. Wilder Foundation (2014) nutrition is one of the major factors that plays an important role in students’ academic performance, due to the fact that it influences, students thinking skills, behaviour and health. Wilder also states that students who had an unhealthy diet (high in saturated fats and trans) present a poor a poor academic performance, meanwhile, the students who had a diet based on fresh food and vegetables scored higher on subjects. David Just (n/d) added on his article that every student has the potential to excel at school, however, they require to be feed with a good quality
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