Factors Affecting Acquisition Of English As A Second Language

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Namita Sharma Research Paper Dr.Yaying Zhang Language Acquisition: Analysis of Factor Affecting Acquisition of English as a Second Language Language is the primary way to communicate, learn and express identity. Some language learners are successful by virtue of their sheer determination, hard work and diligence. However, there are other crucial factors influencing success that are largely beyond the control of learners. ' 'Second language is any language other than the learner 's native language or mother tongue ' '(Mitchell pg 5). To be successful in second language acquisition, there are various factors which act as barrier in the process of learning English as a second language. In Barbara Mellix’s article ' 'From Outside, In ' ' she described her enduring contest of speaking two different languages: “Black English and Standard English. She also clarified that she had challenges unraveling when to use Standard English, Black English or a “mixture”. She also explained when and where she would speak either Black English or Standard English. Mellix did not feel like Standard English was her language because she didn 't grow up listening to it in her family, as she was brought up speaking Black English with her relatives and friends. Thus, when it came to writing in Standard English, it was painful to her. However, she found herself powerless or reluctant to resist the lure of possibility. In fact, it was really easy to understand where Mellix was coming
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