Factors Affecting Adolescent Selfesteem Essay

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Factors Affecting Adolescent Selfesteem

Adolescence is a time in a person’s development when many changes are occurring. Transitions in an adolescent’s development that take place include physical maturation, shifting educational environments, an increased association with peers, and developed cognitive abilities (Barber & Chadwick, 1992). Barber and Chadwick (1992) report that these developments allow the adolescent to consider their value and position in society. They further report that an adolescent’s self-esteem “can be a useful marker of the success with which he or she is proceeding through this important period” (Barber & Chadwick, 1992, p.128). Block and Robins (1993) define self-esteem as:
The extent to which one
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Rosenburg (as cited in Block & Robins, 1993), along the same comprehension as James, asserts that an individual’s self-esteem is perceived in terms of the personal qualities in which the person associates to the aspired characteristics of the self as well as the degree of fondness of the perceived self. In other words, an individual’s self esteem is based on characteristics that they view to be important to their self-concept. Verkuyten (1990) further explains this idea by discussing how one person may view himself/herself as being nonathletic, but whether this has negative effects on his/her self-esteem depends upon whether he/she thinks it is important to be good at sports. In their research, Block and Robins (1993) found that self-esteem tends to change in some ways yet is also consistent in the transition from early adolescence to early adulthood and stays continuous in other ways throughout the life span. This notion implies importance for the understanding of adolescent self-esteem, especially if an individual presents a negative self-concept. To understand the ramifications of self-esteem, the elements that have been found to correlate with it need to be explored.
Research has found that many components may contribute to the perceived self-esteem of the adolescent. This paper will focus on factors of parental behavior, school transitions, ethnicity, adolescent friendships, and body image in relation to self-esteem. By

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