Factors Affecting Attrition and Strategies of Retention

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FACTORS AFFECTING ATTRITION AND STRATEGIES OF RETENTION Why Do People leave Jobs? There are various factors that affect an individual’s decision to leave a job. While an employee’s leaving the job is considered attrition by one organization, it is looked at as talent acquisition by the new organization and to the individual it means a career move, economic growth and enhanced quality of life/convenience or closeness to family etc. Hence, what is a problem for one may be an opportunity for another. This short note examines the key reasons for attrition and explores ‘what enhances retention’ as well as outlines some of the factors that can control attrition. It also touches up those factors that are beyond ones control. Factors…show more content…
Unfortunately some of these organizations have to suffer the consequence of what they have created in their hay days. Parental and family mobility; Some times the desire to be with the closed ones also pushes the person to move. Although we have largely moved away from the joint family concept, there are still strong affiliations and affections. Need for being close with the family, spouse, children, parents etc. at different stages of ones life to fulfill different types of affiliation needs prompt a few people to leave their jobs and move from one city to another. Personality factors: Some people have a high need for variety. They get bored and fatigued easily. They need to change their job or what they are doing at periodic intervals. Other wise they are restless and create morale problems with others working with them. They waste others time discussing organizational politics and polluting the atmosphere. Some people are constantly searching and seeking. They are highly ambitious and restless. They are highly achievement driven and want to achieve new heights in the shortest time. They have either been socialized so or fulfill their own power or other motives. Some may have a different motivation or value profile which may not be matched by the current job or the company and hence the decision to leave. Job related factors: The job related factors that cause the
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