Factors Affecting Birth Rate in Germany

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| Factors affecting Birth Rate in Germany | | Table of Content 1 Introduction(1/2) A 3 2 Literature Review(1) R 3 2.1 Definition of variables R 3 2.2 Japan 3 2.3 USA 3 2.4 India 3 3 Hypothesis / Research Question(1/2) R 3 4 Methodology (2) M 3 4.1 Correlation 3 4.2 Simple Regression 4 4.3 Multiple Regression 4 4.4 Measure of fit 4 4.5 Level of Significance 5 5 Data 5 6 Findings 6 6.1 Simple Regression 6 6.2 Multiple Regressions (5) T 7 6.2.1 All factors 7 6.2.2 All factors excluding children born outside of marriage 7 6.2.3 Education factor 8 6.2.4 Economic factors 8 6.2.5 Social development factors 8 6.2.6 Age Factors 8 6.2.7 Significant factors from each category…show more content…
The analysis report found that states that tended to suffer most from the recession had the biggest declines in births. The National Center for Health Statistics, in a statement released also stated that "there is quite possibly a connection between the decline in births and the economic downturn of the last couple of years." Two consecutive years of declines "would be consistent with that," given that the nation 's economic troubles are affecting the birth rate. India In view of the importance acquired by the women force in the development of the country fertility rate study is taken in Kanyakumari district. The approach includes the sampling of the data by considering nine best maternity nursing homes with 270 data points. A structured questionnaire was prepared in order to define independent factors. Statistical package for social science (SPSS) was used for all the analysis. Simple correlation was used to find the association between the variables. Linear regression was estimated wherever significant association was observed. Factors have been categorized in three groups - 1.Natural factor – age of women Age of the women at marriage, religion and type of family. 2. Knowledge factor - education of women and Education of spouse. 3. Economic factor - Employment of women, Employment of spouse, Income of women, Income of spouse. For the variables under
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