Factors Affecting Bpe Students to Shift Majors

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Background and Theoretical Framework of the Study Education prepares children for the world of work and helps them to develop their personal talents, discover who they are, and where they would best fit into society’s workforce as viewed by the Functionalist. They see three main function of education; role allocation, providing skills, and socialization. Education can be seen to provide pupils/ students with the curriculum and hidden curriculum; teaching skills that will prepare them physically, mentally and socially for the world of work in later life (Szarowicz, 2004). This concept of education determines how education is essential for one’s life. It is the milestone towards success. Even though an individual came from an informal…show more content…
Significance of the Study The findings of the study may benefit curriculum makers, teachers, students, parents and future researchers. With the data gathered, curriculum makers may gain deeper insight as how to design and plan the curriculum that the students will know about the curriculum before they enrolled. This study also provides information for the teachers to ensure the students assessment and aptitude examination are fit to their ability and skills. The students are the direct recipients of this study that they should know their interest. Through this study, the students’ choosing a major is a choice that should be intentional and based on knowledge of one’s self. As a result of this study the number of students who shift a major must be reduce and lessen. The data gathered may likewise assist the parents to create a learning environment and to motivate their child to the learning/interest that they have not achieved. The findings of this study may further contribute to the body of knowledge which may serve as bases for further research. Definition of Terms For the clearer understanding the following terms were defined conceptually and operationally: Affect-- the conscious subjective aspects of an emotion considered apart from bodily changes. (Merriam Dictionary) In this study, affect will be used as the subject of the research. Factor --a circumstance, fact or influence

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