Factors Affecting Choice Of Major

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Information Technology & Gender
The main theme of this research study was to find or explore the factors affecting choice of major and the role and affects in career in relationship to gender. Firstly, how and what are the different motivational factors affecting the choice of a major like Computer Information System and secondly to find what type of role does gender play in choosing an career in Information Technology. The study was done at several eastern mid–sized universities where a large number of local and international students gather to study a wide range of subjects amongst which Computer Information System is one of the most popular concentrations both in under-graduate courses and graduate courses alike.
Students from all aspect of life, creed and gender pursue their respective subjects depending on their likes, interest, hobbies or career goals. The articles look into the field of CIS both as a major and profession, it intends to find the truth behind the hypothesis that motivation and gender difference plays a vital role in choosing CIS as a major and a profession. The underlying theoretical structure of this study highlights the impact of motivation and gender difference in choosing a major for the students taking undergraduate course in most universities. Also, how this choice affects their career goals and would they really like to pursue CIS as a profession. Lastly, the study intends to justify if or if not female students compared to male students are…
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