Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour

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Cultural Factors Cultural diversity is a concept that is crucial to the basis in the understanding of consumer behaviour. It includes abstract ideas, such as individual values or ethics, and the material objects or services. As a perspective, various cultures belong to the sharing of meanings, rituals, and with the norms or traditions that are amongst society. The consumption choices undertaken, simply cannot be an understanding, as it belongs to the considerations of cultural context into which they have been made: culture is on the ‘lens’ through which people view products. Ironically, the effects of cultural effects on consumer behaviour has become powerful and far-reaching, with the individual importance that sometimes is a difficult aspect to grasp. Culture determines the priorities that are attached to various products or services. A product that provides a benefit in consistency with a desire by members of a culture, achieves more acceptable chance within the marketplace. Optus has been committed to ensuring access to all of its products and services, and have the equitable access to employment by the prospective and existing staff members regardless of their race, national or ethnic origin, or whether English is their first language. Optus shares the base vision, core purpose and values of the SingTel Group – to be the Asia Pacific’s best communications group. The Optus vision is measured by the deliverance of a sustainable shareholder value, that does
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