Factors Affecting English Achievement of First Year Students of Compra National High School

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CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE Introduction The problem of low achievement from the elementary to the tertiary level of our educational system has led the educators and planners to embark programs to raise the quality of education. Observers from all sectors commented that schools are producing poor quality graduates – the elementary schools are producing graduates who could hardly read and write and the high schools are turning out graduates who could hardly speak English and are not ready for college work. A continuous down trend in the quality of education and academic achievement of the students in all levels, especially the secondary school students has been keenly observed in recent years. Many studies showed…show more content…
The role of the teacher is to provide a pleasant and comfortable school environment to the learners. His job is to simplify instruction to make the lesson interesting and simplified. The theory of Livenger is supported by Slavin (1997). According to Slavin there are four component of instruction which enhance the achievement level of the students: 1) quality of instruction, 2) appropriate level of instruction, 3) incentives to work on instructional levels and 4) time needed to learn the task. He concluded that all four components must be adequate for instruction to be effective. He stressed that all four components are important in affecting teaching-learning process. Slavin focused on the crucial role of the teacher in enhancing the achievement level of the students. This is reinforced by Bloom (1994). According to Bloom there are five (5) most effective teaching and instructional variables based on a summary of several hundred studies conducted during the past century. The five most effective ones in rank order are: 1) tutorial instruction, 2) instruction reinforcement, 3) feedback and correction, 4) cues and explanation, and 5) student class participation. The next most effective variables for student achievement are: 6) improve reading and study skills, 7) cooperative learning, 8) graded homework, 9) classroom moral, and 10) initial cognitive pre-requisites. Bloom (1994) emphasized that quality and quantity of instruction, that is, teacher

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