Factors Affecting Growth of Film Industry in Africa

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National University of Science and Technologhy NAME: DAVID SURNAME: MAKACHA STUDENT NUMBER: N0070508B COURSE: MEDIA IN AFRICA DEPARTMENT: JOURNALISM AND MEDIA STUDIES QUESTION Outline factors hindering the development of film Industry in Africa Gebre-Egziabher (2006) notes that film was first introduced in Africa in the 1920s. It was used as a propaganda tool to manipulate the Africans to endorse the white minority rule. Gebre-Egziabher (2006) further mentions that it is in the 1960s that Africans embarked on the production of their own films. These films as noted by scholars, reflected the socio-political experiences particularly the colonial experiences and the post colonial nation…show more content…
In other countries like South Africa and Kenya, while they have set up boards such as National Film and Video Foundation and Kenyan Film Commission (KFC) respectively, to fund the film, the boards are also paralysed with no funds being poured into their activities. Baelseiro (2002) noted that KFC failed to meet its annual target of US$150 000 to fund films, leaving the Kenyan filmmakers with no option but to raise their own funds through any means necessary. In 1998, Film and Video Fund of South Africa funded only 105 out of the 605 films that were proposed (CIGS report 1998:11). Faced with these predicaments, Akashoro (2010) argues that that many African filmmakers spend more time searching for funding than they spend making films. Private business sector in Africa has also contributed little if not nothing to the financing of film since they still do not recognise the benefits that can be exploited through commercial advertising as in Western movies. In Western countries, a number of films are produced with the help of the private business sector who will benefit through indirect advertisements of their products that will feature in the films. For example, the movie Star Wars was produced with the help of PEPS, Coca-cola and the McDonalds

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